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Does not stack with Frost/Ice Armor.

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New Spell: Conjure Water (Rank 7) (Available through quest at level 60). Arcane Missiles: Fixed a bug where the spell would not function properly against spell-reflecting targets. Total training cost was decreased. Seal of Command - The damage effects can now be resisted instead of dodged, blocked, or parried. Blessing of Protection - Now castable on all raid targets. Blessing of Sacrifice - Now castable on all raid targets. Blessing of Salvation - Now castable on all raid targets.

Divine Intervention - Now castable on all raid targets.

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Total training cost was decreased. Holy Fire - Fixed a bug with the bonus damage gained from +fire damage items. Such items now have a greater effect on this spell. Prayer of Fortitude - This spell is now cast on the target's party.

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Power Word: Shield - Now castable on all raid targets. A number of areas in the world now have footlockers in them. These areas are in place for rogues to visit to increase their lockpicking skills. The contents of these footlockers are only token amounts of treasure, but they should allow for a more interesting experience while increasing lockpicking skill. The difficulty of the locks in the area correspond to the level of the zone, so if your lockpicking skill is around 100, you would go to Durnholde Keep in Hillsbrad. But if your skill is 250, you might head to Tyr's Hand in Eastern Plaguelands.

Very high-end gems will no longer be acquired from junk boxes or pickpocketing. Added a visual to Sword Specialization "proc" that will now show up in the combat log as well. Total training cost was decreased. Tremor Totem - Now creates the appropriate looking earth totem; tooltip updated to clarify what effects it counters; radius of effect increased; now pulses more frequently. Astral Recall - The tooltip now includes the home point the spell will recall you to.

We've changed the spell icon of several totem spells. They should now all be unique. Searing Totem - Damage slightly increased. Reincarnation - No longer causes resurrection sickness. Improved Drain Mana - Will now report to the combat log all damage caused. Inferno - The duration the Infernal is enslaved when first summoned has been increased. The area of effect damage caused by the Inferno spell, and all threat generated by it, will now originate from the Infernal. The Infernal will now immediately attack targets within the radius of the spell.

Enslave Demon - Is no longer dispellable.

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Curse of Agony - Now benefits from items that increase shadow damage. Nightfall - Fixed a bug where the Shadow Trance effect was lost without benefit. Previously, the talent had a 3%/4% chance of triggering. It now has a 2%/4% chance of triggering, and the tooltips have been updated to accurately reflect this change. Ritual of Doom - The death caused at the completion of the ritual no longer causes durability loss. Firestone - Equipping Firestones will now increase damage caused by fire spells.

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Spellstone - Equipping Spellstones will now improve your chance to get a critical strike with spells. Fear - Mana cost changed to a percentage of base, which results in an increase in cost.

The Shadow Trance buff granted by the Nightfall talent will no longer be used up by a shadowbolt that was in mid-cast. Total training cost was slightly increased. Battle Shout - Rage cost reduced. Bloodrage - Health cost reduced. Heroic Strike - Damage increased. Thunder Clap - Now causes Physical damage instead of Nature damage; damage increased; duration increased with each new rank. Improved Sunder Armor - Now decreases rage cost by 1/1/1.

Improved Thunder Clap - Now decreases rage cost by 1/1/2. Execute - Full rage is no longer consumed when the ability does not hit. Overpower - Should now be usable when a special attack is dodged. Fixed a bug where rage was not being generated when normal melee attacks were parried, dodged, and blocked.

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Charge has been improved so it will work through doorways and won't path you through an entire dungeon. Sweeping Strikes bug fixed. It will hit more reliably and show up in combat log correctly. Added a visual to Sword Specialization "proc" that will now show up in the combat log as well.

Ogres in Azeroth have undergone a visual upgrade. Yeti will no longer flee when at low health. Mummified Atal'ai will no longer cast Fevered Plague so often. Some outdoor creatures will now use their Fear abilities less often. Reduced the number of pirates on the boats in Stranglethorn Vale. Reduced the number of Syndicate in Strahnbrad. Reduced the respawn rate of the troggs on the islands in Loch Modan. Some wildlife that was stationary in Desolace should now be more active. Mechanical Whelps have been boosted by five levels in order to be effective longer. Their damage has been slightly decreased to compensate for the additional damage that would have occurred with the change.

Battle Chicken has had its level boosted by five. The monster ability Skull Crack now only stuns for two seconds instead of six. Warbringer Constructs now have less armor than before. The Reactive Mana set bonus effect on the Arcanist set had an incorrect tooltip. The proper chance of the effect triggering is 1%, not 100%. Restorative Elixir tooltip is now more clear.

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Weightstones may now be used on fist Weapons. Postmaster's Treads now have stats more appropriate for clothwearers.

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Crown of the Penitent effect made more appropriate for the quality and level of item. Bloodlust Epaulets stats improved to the appropriate amount for the item's level and quality.

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The effect of the Spirit of Aquamentas and Choker of Enlightenment has changed to a +damage and +healing of all spell schools effect. Ramstein's Lightning Bolts effect reduced to 200 points of damage and a 10-yard radius.

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Magister's Mantle, Robe, Belt, Crown, and Binding changed to include more stamina in lieu of spirit. Gnomish earrings will no longer appear outside the Bloodlust Helm. Deathstriker name changed to Felstriker. The Lion Horn of Stormwind now properly gives AC to members of the party. Priests can now use scrolls and the Heart of Noxxion while in Shadowform. The costs of Enriched Manna Biscuits, Blessed Sunfruit, and Blessed Sunfruit Juice have been lowered to 60 silver per stack of five.

The buff effect of Blessed Sunfruit has been changed from Stamina to Strength. Horn of the Arctic Wolf now correctly summons an Arctic wolf (Instead of a light-gray one).