Создайте сборку которую хатят, а хатят 1. С помощью этой программы вы можете устанавливать и создавать свои модификации для Payday 2.

When the assault is ended, Wave Survived will come up. When the assault is endless, Endless Wave will come up.

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Sick of Payday 2's waypoints always huddling together near the center of the screen, and how long they take to settle into their normal positions while you whirl around trying to locate the target in question? With this mod, you can customize those behaviors. This simple mod enables you to customize the time taken for off-screen waypoints to settle into their orbit or for them to settle back into their normal on-screen positions, as well as adjust said orbit's radius.

Payday 2 default orbit radius](://i.

Смотреть видео Payday 2 Обзор модов Сборка : Умные Боты

Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod the same way as any other BLT mod. This mod integrates its options menu as a submenu of BLT's *Mod Options* menu. Com/download/latest/201](//download.

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Updated for compatibility with BLT 2. Weapons attachments customizer** is mod that allows to visually change attachments models and make weapons look like you want without sacrificing stats. Allowing to use unique weapon attachments models for common stocks/barrel extensions/etc, [[1]](//steamcommunity. Customizing sights zoom level, [[1]](//steamcommunity. Proper backup iron sights (AUG, Saiga 12K, MAC-10, P90 and Striker), [[1]](//steamcommunity.

Various attachments/weapon fixes. Mod page on Mod Workshop](//modwork. This is a Mod collection of several useful HUD altering mods.

payday 2 Обзор модов Сборка : Умные Боты

I've modified them and added features, I felt were needed or useful. It was originally a recreated and updated version of GageHUD, since it was really outdated and kind of painful to maintain with all the mixxed up files. Over time I added more and more useful Scripts and kind of became an All-in-One solution. I got the permission from _Seven_, _ViciousWalrus_, _Undeadsewer_,_FishTaco_, _friendIyfire_ and _Terminator01_ for the use of their scripts and from _Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster_ for using his icons.

Big thanks to [Kampfhörnchen](//forums. Preview Image HUD](//www. Preview Image Tabscreen, LobbyPlayerInfo panel not included](//www. HUD look and behaviour is customzable through ingame options. You need BLT to run this mod. Installation and download for that can be found [here](//paydaymods. Download the archive from the link provided below.

Then simply extract that archive into your 'Payday 2/mods'-folder. Check the 'Included Mods'-list below, and remove or disable mods you have installed, that provide the same or quite similar features. Otherwise, you might crash. The game will create the folder for a mod_override called "WolfHUD_Textures". BLT will prompt you to update it after a game restart. If it fails for some reason, you can manually download it [__here__](//download. Com/download/latest/wolfhud_textures). (PDMod version for Linux users [__here__](//www. Com/file/sccy1y5bp21u70e/WolfHUD_Textures.

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(optional) The game will ask you if you want to install "Federal Inventory" on first startup. If you choose to, it will create a folder for it and BLT will update it from there on, just like the previous one. Manual download can be found [__here__](//download. Com/download/latest/fed_inv). (PDMod version for Linux users [__here__](//www. Com/file/9eqqcw3z0jxohev/Federal_Inventory. (Note: On Windows, you will get a notification dialog to update the required/optional mod_overrides. On Linux you'll have to install the PDMod version manually, until support for the mod_override format arrives.

You can find the manual download links in the installation instructions. If you encounter any bugs, feel free to post about it on the issues tab on [__GitHUB__](://github. Please try to provide information from your crashlog and the actions you and your teammates were doing, when you crashed. The Crashlog can be found at '%localappdata%/Payday 2/crashlog. Remember Gadget State__](://bitbucket.

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Real Weapon Names__](//forums. Buy all Assets__](//forums.


Always show Mod Icons__](//forums. Action=view_down&did=14240), [melee icons](//forums. Action=view_down&did=13910) and [mask icons](//forums. Throwables, equipment, armor and heister portraits](//forums. Big credit goes to all of you! Without your awesome mods, I would have quitted this game a long time ago!

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If I forgot to mention you, I'm really sorry. (Note: On Windows, you will get a notification dialog to update the required/optional mod_overrides. On Linux you'll have to install the PDMod version manually, until support for the mod_override format arrives.

You can find the manual download links in the installation instructions. This mod requires BLT. First of all thanks DMC, B1313, LazyOzzy, Seven et al. And all the folks behind DMCWO, without which this mod and many like it would never exist. Indeed some parts of the back-end use code which was first used in DMCWO, but mostly as a reference. I dislike using recycled code in general, I take things apart and see how they work and put them back together again.

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The ideas used are similar yet different, hopefully you can see beyond just the superficial, this is NOT just a lite version of DMCWO. Wait, yet another rebalance mod?

Payday 2 Обзор модов Сборка : Умные Боты

Well, yes, but an actually properly tested and balanced rebalance mod. With descriptions, option menus and planned future development. Almost every single weapon changed, and 130+ weapon mods. Done partly as a proof-of-concept, partly to test new ideas and partly to fix a lot of annoyances that I always have had. Crafted with love and care from somebody with 0 lua experience to start. Note that this mod announces its presence in lobbies. If you're a coward and are rushing to comment it out you can do it through the options menu, however I highly discourage you from doing this.

Payday 2 Rocket Launcher

You can also disable damage falloff, burst-firing/akimbo single-fire as well as the Backup irons for the combat optic and Milspec if you want to. Highly recommend just sticking to default settings though. Detailed Changelog from Vanilla (Outdated)](://docs.

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Once that is installed, put this entire folder into the folder called "mods" in your Payday 2 game directory. If this doesn't exist then create it. Once done, download the > [**Latest YOMC Version**](//download. Автовоспроизведение Если функция включена, то следующий ролик начнет воспроизводиться автоматически. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact. This item is incompatible with PAYDAY 2.

Please see the for reasons why this item might not work within PAYDAY 2. Это список модов PayDay2, которые я использую, чтобы улучшить мой опыт вора. PayDay 2 существует уже почти 3 года, и несмотря на некоторые казусы с предыдущим ежегодными мероприятия (Crimefest 2015), это все ещё мощная игра, она остаётся лучшей игрой в стиле грабежа для 4-ых игроков. Сначала, в PayDay 2 не было поддержки моддинга.


Разработчик не решил сначала вводить эту функцию и отложил её лишь в перспективу. Но некоторые хардкор игроки-ветеран, тем не менее, искали способы, чтобы моддинг пробрался в PayDay 2. Тогда, видя, как много людей ищут способы модификации игры, Overkill сами дали свое согласие на создание модов и дали "руку помощи" с помощью функции mod_override. Ниже приведены несколько модов, которые я обычно использую, но я чувствую, что они должны использоваться чаще.

Большинство модов будут БЛТ версии, по причине, о которой я уже упомянал.